Started in 2010 as a blog about home education, by a home educator in the San Francisco Bay Area, Soulful Studies has grown to become much more. Soulful Studies helps families understand their needs and customize curriculum to their child's learning style, temperament and ability. We offer webinars, classes and workshops for parents on homeschooling pedagogues and scaffolding techniques to support every homeschooling family- from beginner to veteran.

Soulful Studies also works with alternative model schools; private, public and charter, in implementing their vision, goals and mission. We advise about curriculum, instructional strategies and articulation of standards in the classroom. Soulful Studies is an approved vendor with Ocean Grove Charter School and its associated IEM charters, Delta Empire Charter School, Connecting Waters Charter School and Connecting Waters East Bay . 

Soulful Studies offers community enrichment and support programs for educators and home schoolers. Monthly, Coffee & Company outings provide a space for home educators to meet and share ideas. Free webinars offer support and guidance to parents worldwide on topics ranging from education to nurturing the infant. Local classes, home school competitions, speaking engagements and local events are all part of the Soulful Studies treasure trove. 


Mission Statement

To offer independent, high quality education consulting to alternative model programs to foster holistic education. 


Shaheen Rasheed, M.S. Education

Shaheen Rasheed is an educator’s educator. Her passion for holistic education has driven her 20+ year career as a private and public school teacher turned parent home schooler and education consultant to families (through Kinza Academy) and private schools, such as Northstar, Peace Terrace, Garden of Knowledge and Islamic School of Miami. Along with her certifications in Teaching English as a Second Language and Early Childhood Education, her Masters in Education furthered her understanding of educational pedagogues and strengthened her resolve to work towards a more classical and holistic approach to education.

She has been published in various online and print magazines. She blogs on homeschooling, parenting and alternative education. She also teaches part time at a local community college. She is a strong advocate to change the current education system to foster a holistic child through the revival of the traditional educational model.